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Ivan Nurick, strategic business consultant with over 30 years experience and creator of the Strategic Fit program.

Organisations that pro-actively look to meet and further
their vision in a methodological way consistently outperform their competitors. Over the last 20 years, The Strategic FIT Program has successfully provided hundreds of organisations worldwide with the process to achieve this. It is available for you to apply to your organisation to ensure you outsmart,
outperform and outlast your competitors.
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David McGeorge
BIS Industries Limited

The Strategic Fit Program

  • Can be applied to businesses of all sectors and sizes
  • Simple to follow, easy to apply and creates inspiring strategies
  • We share your vision and stay personally connected with program users
  • It includes all members of your team so you no longer feel alone
  • The process stays relevant so can be repeated at any time
  • Incorporates over 55 years of experience
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About the Program

  • Program Item 1

    What you will have access to

    Over 55 years of experience

    Easy to use tools available 23/7

    Access to expert consultants for 60 days

  • Program Item 2

    What you will learn and do

    Write a strategy for your business

    How to implement this strategy

    How to keep the momentum by profiting from opportunities

  • Program Item 3

    What you will achieve

    A pathway to your business' vision

    Be able to identify early signals of change before competitors

    Reduced business risk

  • Ivan
  • Mandy

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  • Australia: +61 2 8091 7173
  • USA: +1 347 587 8131
  • UK: +44 20 3239 0344
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You will shift from:

  • Not knowing what direction you are heading in
  • Knowing what you want to achieve but not how to do it
  • Feeling frustrated as there's no one to talk to
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You will like the Strategic FIT program if you want:

  • To implement a strategy that sticks
  • To stay ahead of the game
  • Your people to own the strategy, and
  • Be accountable for the results
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Why Choose Us

  • Ivan

    Ivan Nurick

    Ivan Nurick is an international businessman, consultant, educator and executive coach with more than 30 years experience. His leading edge consulting methodologies assist executives in adopting alternative perspectives that produce impressive demonstrable results, often leading to fundamental personal and business breakthroughs.
  • Ivan

    Mandy Diamond

    Mandy Diamond is an exceptionally talented and highly experienced learning and development expert with a unique ability to adapt to the requirements of different groups. Her appealing style and passion for her work delivers excellent results every time.

  • Accountable

    The program has helped me tremendously both on a personal and business level. I have been able to learn and apply the program for effective results.

    Ana Konig

  • Scalable

    I've worked with Ivan Nurick for more than 10 years in a number of different businesses and industries. The results I have achieved have been excellent and the outcomes are owned by the business managers so they are able to take them forwards.

    Greg Holt

  • Reputable

    I have had exposure to training before and can categorically say this was the best programme I have ever had the privilege to be included in.

    Carolyn Landesman
    Operations Manager
    CLV, New Zealand

  • Facilitator

    It was an amazing process. We couldn’t believe where we started and the position we have come to.

    David McGeorge
    Bis Industries Limited

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How it works

The 6 Modules allow you to run the program according to your needs and timetable – all at once, one Module at a time or a combination of Modules.

You need to familiarise yourself with the materials and have your people complete the online diagnostics.

You facilitate the development of your strategy using the detailed Facilitator manuals and the results of the diagnostics.

You have access to expert consultants who can assist you with any questions that may arise.

Complete the process and templates that will deliver a simple, yet robust strategy.

  1. Dealing with turbulence and uncertainty

    • Environmental scanning
    • Competitor intelligence
    • Industry and competitor analysis
    • Scenario planning
  2. Aligning service delivery and customer needs

    • Identify customer needs and predicting buyer behaviour
    • Understanding customer service
    • Aligning service capabilities with customer needs
    • Developing a compelling value proposition
  3. Winning in a competitive enviroment

    • Understanding competitive dynamics
    • Identifying your competitive advantage and distinctiveness
    • Developing a compelling vision that engages the hearts and minds of your people
    • Positioning the organisation for ongoing success
  4. Creating organisational change

    • Making the distinction between culture and climate
    • Diagnosing organisational culture
    • Identifying the most powerful levers for change
    • Leading appropriate sustainable cultural change
  5. Effective approaches to shaping organisations

    • Identifying the ideal leadership approach
    • Understanding the impact of existing leadership behaviours
    • Selecting and applying the most appropriate situational responses
    • Identifying and nurturing critical elements of team behavior
  6. From vision to reality

    • Providing an easy and effective ongoing planning process
    • Developing plans that make a difference
    • Achieving employee buy-in and accountability for performance
    • Managing the journey from vision to reality
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